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Looking for a Spanish Tutor?

Does your child struggle to understand and keep up with their Spanish course work? Do they say that they’re "bad at Spanish" or feel apprehensive about speaking in class? Or maybe you yourself have tried to learn Spanish, but just can't seem to get it to stick? 

I can relate to struggling to pick up Spanish as a second language. During my high school years, Spanish was hard for me. All the verb tenses jumbled in my brain, and I had a hard time remembering previously learned verb tenses when new ones were introduced. I did not feel confident speaking in class. I couldn’t picture myself ever becoming fluent in Spanish!

I ended up continuing with my Spanish studies in college and lived abroad for half a year in Costa Rica, and I realized that it wasn't that I was "bad at Spanish", I just needed the right support. I needed more opportunities to practice the language, especially with someone who would provide tailored feedback. After completing my masters in speech-language pathology, I learned even more about how we learn language and strategies that can accelerate language learning. 

As a Speech-Language Pathologist and all-around language-lover, I care about providing individuals with quality practice on their Spanish-learning journey because knowing a second language truly changes one's life.  It opens doors to new friendships, deepens understandings and appreciation of cultures outside your own, facilitates more fulfilling travel experiences, and even increases job opportunities. Contact me to start accelerating you or your child's journey to Spanish proficiency!

“Lauren has gone above and beyond tutoring my son the last couple years. She goes out of her way to make his online Spanish tutoring educational, interesting, and fun! He has blossomed from the kid who never raised his hand in class to a consistent classroom contributor. We cannot lavish enough praise on Lauren to adequately show how much we appreciate her efforts. "

Willow G., WI

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